What is Manga?

Manga are the equivalent to comics in Japan. Manga covers all different genres and age groups, as many different publishers create them. For example, the ‘Weekly Shounen Jump’ is mostly aimed at the male audience containing mainly action scenes in them whilst ‘Ciao’ are aimed at young girls, which includes scenes that fit their age group.

What is Anime?

Anime are usually (not always) derived from their Manga counterparts that might have become popular in poll ratings and high sales volumes. If there is a Manga, Anime sometimes contains ‘fillers’, which are side stories that are not in the main storyline of the Manga as this maintains the ‘gap’ between the Manga and Anime so animators do not run out of content to use.

The word Anime originated from ‘animation’ and are essentially drawn or computer animation productions. Anime in Japan nowadays references all types of different animation. Anime is typically seen by the style of drawing with vibrant colors and fantasy-like themes. The earliest Japanese commercial, that contains animation, dates back to 1917 where Anime has continued to increase through time.

Types of Anime?

In Anime and Manga there might be some genres and demographics listed that one might find confusing as to what it might be about. For example, what is a Shounen Anime? Find out here

These terms are often used in the anime world to explain a whole genre with as little as one word. This, in turn, will explain the type of Anime/Manga one would expect when watching/reading them.

Here, you can find all genres and demographics on this website so you can find out which genre/demographics you are interested in, which will ultimately help you find what type of Anime/Manga you’ll be interested in.

Hopefully this will be useful to everyone from beginners starting to understand what the different types of genres and demographics in anime are to long time Anime/Manga fans what want to refresh their memory.

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