Kodomouke (子供向け) literally means, “directed towards children”, which targets exactly that. Intended for children regardless of sex, kodomomuke consists of simple and imaginative stories that teach core values and other valuable teachings. For example, displaying good examples of how children should behave to help them stay on the right path. Kodomomuke series generally do not follow a story, rather, the stories are usually told in one episode with each individual episode unique to the next.

Linked Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy


A good example of kodomomuke would be the popular kid’s series “Doraemon”. Published in 1969, the series begins w hen Doraemon, a male robotic cat, is sent back in time by a bot named Sewashi Nobi in hopes to improve the circumstances of his great-great-grandfather, Nobita, so that his descendants may have a brighter future. In Nobita’s original timeline, he experiences nothing but misery and bad luck caused by poor grades and bullying, that not even the pinnacle of events that is yet to come. He eventually escalates into the burning down of his own future business that leaves his family with financial difficulties.

Nobita and Doraemon

Nobita and Doraemon

Sewashi wishes to change this grim past by initially wanting to send a super-robot to protect Nobita, which will hopefully better the current Nobi family’s financial state. However, due to the small allowance at his disposal, he could only afford the imperfectly made factory-rejected toy that is Doraemon.

Doraemon has a pocket that produces various things such as medicines, tools and gadg ets from the future. For example, there is a gadget named the “Anywhere Door”, a door that opens up to any place that the user desires. He uses these tools to try and assist Nobita in various ways, though, usually creating more trouble than he was trying to solve.

The unique selling point that makes this series great is the sheer amount of unique tools that are from the future that Doraemon uses in each episode. The different amount of tools are so vast that anything could appear in the series which causes the audience keep watching to see what else Doraemon has to offer.

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