What is ‘dere’ exactly? Well, in Anime/ Manga, there are types of ‘dere’ characters which is made from a word mixed the term ‘dere dere’ which is the term for someone who is affectionate and lovey dovey.

Dere deres can also be a type of character in itself as they usually tend to be sweet and energetic as this is shown in their interactions with anyone they meet in the series, and tends to fall in love very quickly.

In this section, we will be identifying some of the different types of ‘dere’ characters to help identify them easier and quicker when viewing Anime/ Manga.

Please see below for more information about the specific dere character:

Dandere Himedere/ Oujidere Kanedere
Kamidere Kuudere Mayadere
Tsundere Undere Yandere
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