Kanedere describes a character that is obsessed with money and will do anything to get it, even if it means risking their life.

These characters only tend to show any affection towards money in general (i.e talking to the money) or another character that has either (or both) wealth and status. To those without these traits, Kanderes are usually not interested in the character at all as they are fixated to their only goal to get money/ status.

Kandere is derived from the term ‘Okane’ (money) and ‘dere dere’ (affectionate/lovey dovey).


An example of this type is Mogana Kikaijima from the series “Medaka Box”. She is a freshman, junior later on in the series, who is a member of the swimming club at Hakoniwa Academy. Obsessed with money, she participates in any activity that is needed of her (i.e competitions between other clubs) as she is hired by those who need her help.

Mogana Kikaijima

Mogana Kikaijima

However, this changes when she encounters Medaka Kurokami (main character) who gives her an intervention. She is later ‘hired’ by Medaka to become the treasury for the student council, whom she is president of.

As she starts to interact with other members of the council, she begins to open up to them and becomes more cheerful in the process.

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