This type is amongst one of the most known characters in the Anime/Manga world. Tsundere describes a character that is initially hostile towards another character with an ‘I don’t care about you’ attitude towards the character but gradually shows their warmer side and/or even falling in love with him/ her. They usually find it hard to admit this or would promptly deny it in front of others which create some comical scenes.

Tsundere is derived from the terms ‘tsun tsun’ (a cold/ blunt attitude towards a person) and ‘dere dere’ (affectionate/lovey dovey).

Typical lines include:

– “It’s not like I did this for you or anything!”

– “Baka Baka Baka” (literally meaning stupid, stupid, stupid)


An example with a tsundere character is female protagonist Taiga Aisaka from the series “Toradora”. At the start of this series, she is shown as a short-tempered girl who, given her name and under-developed body for a second-year in high school, gives here the nickname of “Palmtop Tiger” which adds to her temper and attitude towards others.

Taiga Aisaka

Taiga Aisaka

This is until Ryūji Takasu (male protagonist) starts to interact with her as they help each other in their quest for love as she slowly opens up to him, showing him that she too has a warmer side.

Taiga Aisaka is voiced by Rie Kugimiya who is known for specialising in tsundere as most characters she has voiced over usually follow this trait.

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