As the name would suggest, this genre revolves around music. The shows that are in this genre are themed around the art of music, either as a hobby or to express themselves. This genre is usually paired with School and Comedy genres.


An example of this would the popular series “K-on!” Published in 2007, this Seinen type series follow four Japanese high school girls, who are in their first year at Sakuragaoka Girls High school that joins join the light music club and tries to save it from being disbanded when they graduate, as they are the only members of the club.

The starts off with Yui Hirasawa, who has no experience in playing musical instruments, though a running gag is that she is good at playing the castanets, or reading sheet music when she joins the light music club. Eventually, she becomes an excellent guitar player who is now a lead guitar player in the light music club, the band called “Ho-Kago Tea Time” (translated as After School Tea Time).

Now Yui, along with bassist Mio Akiyama, drummer Ritsu Tainaka, keyboardist Tsumugi Kotobuki and, later, guitarist Azusa Nakano spend their school days practicing, performing, and hanging out together in the clubroom creating great memories along the way.

(From left) Mio

(From left) Mio Akiyama, Azusa Nakano, Ritsu Tainaka, Yui Hirasawa and Tsumugi Kotobuki

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