Like the title suggests, mystery genres are the type of stories that holds a huge unsolved question or event that slowly unfolds throughout the story. The main character in this genre usually more intellect than the average guy. Looking for a challenge, he/she usually gets involved with the mystery on way or another. This genre is often paired with Psychological and Horror genres.


An example of this genre would be the series “Darker Than Black”. Published in 2007, this series starts when, ten years ago, “Heaven’s Gate”, a mysterious spatial anomaly appears in South America, this is shortly followed by the opening of “Hell’s Gate” in Tokyo, which alters the skies and wreaks havoc across the land. With this, false stars replace real stars that, during this time, enabled people to emerge with special abilities with all different abilities. These people are known as Contractors as they each all have a corresponding fake star that that reacts to every activity that they make.

Hidden from the public, Contractors are known to be cold-blooded murderers with the help of their incredible powers, though, every time they use this power comes at a cost of their humanity. As such, various nations and organizations use Contractors as spies and assassins that result in bloodshed for valuable objects or information.

Now, this story revolves around a Contractor codenamed “Hei” as he performs various espionages and assassinations in Tokyo given by a mysterious organization called the Syndicate.darker_than_black

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