This genre, like the name says, is set in space or revolves around space travel. Like Sci-fi and Fantasy, this genre typically contains different types of space craft, space stations aliens. This genre is more focused on the space as most scenes include this one way or another, this also makes for a wider space should there be any action in that particular series.


An example for this would be the series “Cowboy Bebop”. Published in 1997, this series is set in 2071 in an alternate future where, 60 years ago, an accident occurs that makes Earth uninhabitable which forces all of humanity to evacuate into space where they now live on rocky planets in space or the moons of the galaxy. With crime rates rising, a new system has been set up so that you will get paid for catching registered criminals by bringing them in to the ones who set this up, the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP), these people who do the catching are known as Bounty Hunters.

The story revolves around the main protagonist Spike Spiegel and the other members from the spaceship, Bebop. Spike, a former hitman, is a bounty hunter that will go almost anywhere across the galaxy to catch criminals with high bounties on their heads on their ship. With this, Spike and the others encounter different situations that may refer back to Spike’s past which explains unanswered questions like why did become a bounty hunter in the first place and what his real intentions are.

Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel (2nd from left) and members from Bebop

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