Comedy is one of the most used genres in anime, the titles that are linked with this genre are usually, as the title would suggest, light humour. This genre is often used in conjunction with other genres such as Action, Adventure and Love/Romance. The comedy can be achieved in various ways, through character designs, personalities or props.


A good example of comedy is the series “Gintama”. Published in 2003, this series is set in the late Edo period, in the times of samurais, where it tells the story of the aftermath were, in this history, humanity is attacked by aliens called “Amanto” (天人, literally meaning “Sky People”). During the war (titled the “Joi War“), the samurai of Japan joins the fray against the aliens trying to protect their land. However the Shogun, an equivalent to a government general in that era, soon realizes the overpowering strength of the aliens and ends up betraying the samurais by surrendering to the aliens. The Shogunate, now a puppet government, writes an unequal contract with the aliens allowing them to enter the country and invokes a ban on carrying sword in public, while completely taking away the swords of samurai to ensure they do not resist anymore.

Now, the plot is centered around “Gintoki Sakata” (aka Odd Jobs Gin) a former samurai now freelancer with a laid back attitude that owns the business “Yorozuya” (literally meaning “The Anything Store”), “Shinpachi Shimura” a teenager who acts as Gintoki’s apprentice after a he saves his sister from a group of aliens and “Kagura” who is a teenage alien girl that originates from a clan called the “Yato”, an amanto that are recognized across the galaxy as one of the strongest and most bloodthirsty of all the races although rejecting that part of herself, she comes to earth to escape this heritage.

The 'Yorozuya', (from left) Kagura, Gintoki and Shinpachi

The ‘Yorozuya’, (from left) Kagura, Gintoki and Shinpachi

Shinpachi and Kagura now join Gintoki at Yorozuya as they take on literally any job they can get their hands on, from finding a cat to jobs that involve dangerous criminals. As the story continues, we, the audience, see into each character’s past to learn more about them while they get caught up into comedic situations form their current job.

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