Like the name suggests, this genre is based on character playing some sort of game. These games can range from puzzle type games, trading card games or even virtual reality. This genre is usually paired with Adventure or Psychological genres, as it cannot be a genre on its own.


An example of this would be the orginal series of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” translated as “Game King” in Japanese. This series revolves around a boy named Yugi Mutou who is in to all types of games; card games in particular, but is often bullied around at school. That is until he solves the ancient artifact known as the Millennium Puzzle; this causes him to become the host to the ancient nameless pharaoh of Egypt. With this, whenever Yugi or one of his friends are threatened, the other Yugi will show himself and challenge the danger to shadow games, a game that will result in a dark punishment for the loser.yugioh

It is later found out that the other Yugi has forgotten about his past, and now Yugi and his friends try to help the pharaoh in regaining his lost memories. They often find themselves going through challenges where their lives are at stake against other people who wield Millennium Items who challenge others to dangerous shadow games.

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