This genre is one of the most used genres, typically in Love/Romance or Comedy genres. Harem is when three or more members of the opposite sex, the main character usually being a guy, amorously surround the main character.


An example of the Harem genre is the series “Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi” translated as “A Bridge to the Starry Skies”. Published in 2011, the story follows the main protagonist Kazuma Hoshino where he and his younger brother, Ayumu, move to the rural city of Yamabiko. On the way to their accommodation, Yorozuyo Inn, the boys gets on the wrong bus forcing them to wait for the next bus back.

While waiting a wild monkey steals Ayumu’s hat, Kazuma gives chase and eventually retrieves his brother’s hat, however leaving him in a surrounding forest. Ui Nakatsugawa, a schoolgirl, happens to appear at the right time and happily shows Kazuma the way back to the bus stop, skipping across a river he’d passed earlier with ease. Ui encourages Kazuma to do the same, but Kazuma lands wrong which causes him to tackle Ui to the ground with a kiss. This is when Ibuki Hinata, Ui’s friend, sees what has happened and intervenes scolding Ui before leaving with her. Kazuya is left disheartened that his time with Ui was so short.

Kazuma Hoshino and Ui

Kazuma Hoshino and Ui Nakatsugawa

However, the reunion was quick when Kazuma goes to his new school, Yamabiko South Academy, the following day. Here, much to his surprise, he finds himself in the same class as Ui and Ibuki where romance and friendship starts to begin.

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