As the title would suggest, this genre is based on a particular event in the past or set in a specific period in time. These stories are usually told in the time of shoguns and samurais with the characters based around well-known figures in the past. This genre is usually combined with Action and Adventure.


An example of this genre is the series “Shigurui”. Published in 2003, this series is set in 1629 during Tokugawa Tadanaga’s rule (early Edo Period). The daimyo (feudal lord) stages a tournament where the participants fight with real steal swords rather than wooden ones used mainly for practices. This story revolves around the one-armed swordsman Fujiki Gennosuke and blind Samurai Irako Seigen, where these two face each other in the first round of tournament. The story also explains why the both of them participate in it.Shigurui.full.1415105

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